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T&S Brass Products EW-8904

Deck Mount Eye/Face Wash With Body Spray Head

Deck Mount Eye/Face Wash With Body Spray Head

Counter-mounted Squeeze Lever Eyewash Unit

  • Countertop mounted eye/face and body spray
  • ABS plastic yellow head positioned at 45deg angle
  • Controls water flow rate when flow pressure is between 30 and 90 psi
  • Stay open squeeze lever valve with built in 6.25Gpm flow control assembly, 1/2" IPS inlet and 1/4" outlet
  • Integral flip top dust covers automatically release with flow of water
  • 8ft green pressure rated hose with 1/2" IPS inlet and outlet, chrome-plated fitting and Noryl plastic deck flange that incorporates guiding key slot for proper positioning of spray
  • Universal emergency eyewash sign
  • Includes "Test This Week" tag to record weekly testing record of emergency equipment

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Emergency Safety Equipment by Haws

For Immediate On-The-Job Eye Safety

Why do you need to consider installing an eyewash station in your facility? Since OSHA does not require eyewash stations by industry, the need for an eyewash station should be determined by the chemicals that are used in an establishment. Wherever corrosive chemicals are being used, an eyewash station is very important for employee safety and health.

"The medical profession teaches and practices irrigating eyes by introducing flushing fluid at the inner corner of the eye -- adjacent to the nose -- letting it run across the eye to the outer edge. This is specifically done to avoid driving contaminants into the lacrimal punctum and the nasal cavity. The accepted medical practice is counter to the way most eyewashes operate and can result in further injury to the splash or blown-particulate injured victim. Axion MSR is the only eyewash product that duplicates the methodology used by and recommended by healthcare professionals."

-- Robert S. Wolf, Opthalmologist

Introducing AXION MSR by Haws, the first and only eyewash and eye / face wash specifically designed to operate in concert with standard healthcare protocols and the natural function of the human eye.

In addition to the AXION MSR medical innovations, this exciting new patent-pending product has a number of features that set it apart from any other eyewash on the market:

  • Inverted eyewash and eye / face wash streams
    • AXION eyewash streams are inverted compared with the traditional eyewash. AXION streams contact the eyes at the inner canthus, or corner -- adjacent ro the bridge of the nose. Contaminants are then swept to the outer edge of the eye, where gravity takes over and runs them into the eyewash bowl.
  • Laminar Flow eyewash streams for greater stream consistency
    • Another first is the use of laminar flow engineering in the eyewash streams. In simple terms, a laminar flow is one in which there is an absence of turbulence, because the stream is "built" in layers. The result? An even, comfortable, predictable stream height and circumference.
  • "Zero vertical velocity" engineering for maximum victim comfort
    • Next, because AXION eyewash streams are almost vertically oriented, they "stall" at the prescribed height. When the stream exhausts its vertical velocity, it softly turns outward and begins to fall off horizontally. This action causes a slight puddling of the flow in midair before it returns to the eyewash bowl. It occurs directly at the optimal contact point with the eye, making for a more pleasant and effective irrigation experience.

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