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Fresh Products EUB12

Enzymatic Urinal Block (BLUE)

Enzymatic Urinal Block

Enzymatic urinal blocks freshen and clean the urinal for up to 1000 flushes. Enzymes eliminate odors by consuming them at the source instead of just masking smells.


  • Cherry
  • Fresh Air
  • Green Apple
  • Lemon

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SKU Product Description Price Qty
EUB12-LE Enzymatic Urinal Block (Blue) - Lemon - Case of 12 $9.81
EUB12-GA Enzymatic Urinal Block (Blue) - Green Apple - Case of 12 $9.81
EUB12-FA Enzymatic Urinal Block (Blue) - Fresh Air - Case of 12 $9.81
EUB12-C Enzymatic Urinal Block (Blue) - Cherry - Case of 12 $9.81

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