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Sensor Activated Soap Dispensers

Basys Sensor-operated Deck-mount Foam Soap Dispenser

  • Sensor-technology activates foam soap dispensing
  • Hand-free operation promotes hygiene and eliminates cross contamination
  • Easily attaches to deck surface
  • Low soap level indicator
  • One tool service
  • All electronics sealed
  • Double infrared sensors with automatic setting feature
  • AC Power Plug-in only
  • Sensor Range - Nominal: 4" - 5" (102-127 mm)
  • Dispenser Adaptive Self-Adjustment Range: 1"-6" (25-150 mm) nominal
DOCUMENTS Specifications | Installation
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ESD-400 Basys Sensor-operated Deck-mount Foam Soap Dispenser - Chrome (3346080) $439.73
SKU Refills Price Qty
SJS-1751 Foam Soap Refill for SJS-1750 and ESD-400 Soap Dispensers $15.64
SJS1751-3 Foam Soap Green Seal Refill for Sloan SJS1750 and ESD-400 Soap Dispensers $17.64
SJS1751-4 Foam Soap Green Seal (Rose) Refill for Sloan SJS1750 and ESD-400 Soap Dispensers $17.64

More Info

The BASYS Spec Language Applied to a Soap Dispenser

Sloan model no. ESD-400 Infrared sensor activated electronic soap dispenser. It uses a refill bottle that simplifies replacement and reduces waste. Its sensor technology offers hands-free operation by delivering a pre-measured foam soap application "on demand." The product shall be tested and certified to industry standards.

ESD-400 Foam Soap Dispenser Usage and Maintenance


  • Mount soap bottle to the foam tank case unit. Press the reset switch, which begins the pumping cycle to purge air from the tube. This step may be required twice to completely prime the unit.
  • Place your hands under the foam soap dispneser. The sensor will detect the presence (approximately 0.6 seconds) and dispense foam soap from the foam soap dispenser.
  • Check for leaks from the bottle or dispensing unit. Soap should only be dispensed through the outlet spout.
  • NOTE: This procedure must be completed every time a bottle is replaced.

    Replacing Soap

  • The foam soap indicator light on the foam soap dispenser blinks and stops dispensing when the soap bottle in the foam tank case unit runs out. Change the soap bottle.
  • Turn the key to open the foam tank case unit cabinet door.
  • Remove the joint cap and dip tube and discard the empty soap bottle.
  • Insert the dip tube and attach the joint cap to the new bottle and install the bottle in the tank cabinet. Be sure to attach the joint cap securely.
  • Close the door and lock using the key.


  • For reliable long-term use, perform regular maintenance on the unit. Be sure to turn off the operation switch and check that the operation light is off when maintenance is done.
  • Remove soil with a soft, dry cloth. If the unit is seriously polluted on portions other than the hand sensor, use wet cloths with properly diluted neutral detergent.
  • Remove the detergent with a soft, damp cloth and then rub with a soft, dry cloth.


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