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T&S Brass Products EC-3101

Chekpoint Electronic Faucet, Wall Mount, Gooseneck, Ac/Dc Control Module

Chekpoint Electronic Faucet, Wall Mount, Gooseneck, Ac/Dc Control Module

Wall-mounted Gooseneck ChekPoint Sensor Faucet

  • Wall-mounted Gooseneck
  • 2.2Gpm vandal-resistant aerator
  • AC/DC control module (electric plug-in and battery)
  • Height: 11" (280mm)
  • Spread: 4-1/8" (104mm)
  • Clearance: 5-9/16" (141mm)
  • Variations:

  • EC-3101-LN Base only -- no nozzle
  • EC-3101-XP-LF10 Replaces 4-1/8" spread gooseneck w/ 5-1/2" spread plain-end gooseneck (120XP) and 1.0Gpm laminar flow device
  • EC-3101-HG Includes hydro generator power supply
  • EC-3101-LF22 Replaces aerator with 2.2 Gpm vandal-resistant laminar flow device
  • EC-3101-TMV Includes above-deck thermostatic mixing valve
  • EC-3101-VF05 Replaces aerator with 0.5 Gpm vandal-resistant non-aerated device
  • EC-3101TMVHGF10 Includes 'the works'

Downloads: Specs | Install | Submittal

SKU Product Description Price QTY
EC-3101 Chekpoint Electronic Faucet, Wall Mount, Gooseneck, Ac/Dc Control Module $448.96
EC-3101-LN Ec-3101 Chekpoint Electronic Wall Mount Faucet, Less Nozzle, 3/8" Npt Outlet $421.12
EC-3101-LF22 Ec-3101 Chekpoint Electronic Fct W/ Optional 2.2Gpm Laminar Flow Device $450.24
EC-3101-VF05 Chekpoint Elec Faucet, Wall Mt, Gn, Ac/Dc Control Module, .5 Gpm Vr Spray Device $469.12
EC-3101-BA Chekpoint Elec Faucet, Wall Mt, Gn, Ac/Dc Control Module $503.68
EC-3101-XP-LF10 Ec-3101 Chekpoint Electronic Fct, 120Xp Rigid Plain-End Gooseneck, 1.0 Gpm Flow Control $500.48
EC-3101-HG Ec-3101 W/ Hydro-Generator Power Supply $558.08
EC-3101-TMV Chekpoint Elec Faucet, Wall Mt, Gn, Ac/Dc Control Module $600.96
EC-3101TMVHGF10 Wall Mount Electronic Faucet, Asse 1070 Tmv, Ec-Hydrogen, 1.0 Gpm Vr Aerator $720.32
SKU Repair Parts Price QTY
B-0199-06 Aerator, Vandal Resistant, 2.2 Gpm, 55/64"-27Un Female Threads $9.84
044A Adapter For B-0199-02 Aerators $9.44
017195-45 Chekpoint Sensor Cable W/ Angled Flat Lens $30.20
016325-45 Flexible Connector Hose, 1/2" Npsm-F X 3/8" Npsm-F X 30" Long $16.00
016647-45 Chekpoint Sensor Faucet Control Module (Blue) $163.27
5EF-0006 Manual Mixing Valve For Electronic Faucets $67.86
5EF-0005 Equip Sensor Fct Flexible Supply Hose $16.32
5EF-0002 Equip / Chekpoint Ac Transformer, 100-240 Vac $31.75
015425-45 Dual Vr Aerator Key $4.70
EC-FILTER Replacement Filter For Chekpoint Control Module $5.92
006575-45 3/8" Valve Stab Housing O-ring | 0.551 ID x 0.070 Thick $0.99
Technical Documents
EC-3101 Specifications

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Vandal-resisitant Aerator
w/ Key
SKU: B-0199-06


3/8" to Aerator Adapter SKU: 044A


O-ring SKU: 006575-45


Angled Sensor w/ Cable SKU: 017195-45


1/2" NPSM-F x 3/8" NPSM-F Inlet Hose SKU: 016325-45


ChekPoint Module (Blue) SKU: 016647-45


Mechanical Mixing Valve SKU: 5EF-0006


9/16-24 Female x 1/2" NPSM Supply Hose SKU: 5EF-0005


AC Transformer SKU: 5EF-0002


Vandal-resistant Key SKU: 015425-45


Replacement Filter SKU: EC-FILTER

Chekpoint Faucets Standard Features:

  • Hands-free washing greatly reduces risk of contamination
  • Sensor-operated faucets conserve water
  • Water-resistant circuit control module
  • Each model comes with the convenience of electric plug-in (AC) and battery (DC) power options
  • ADA-compliant
  • Adjustable temperature control mixing valve
  • Proven electronic technology
  • Adjustable automatic time-out feature
  • Adjustable water shut-off delay
  • Chrome plated brass
  • Troubleshooting LED indicator lights
  • Scratch-resistant sensor lens
  • Filtered solenoid valve with serviceable strainer filter
  • Modular quick-release sensor connections
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Pre-assembled with appropriate mounting hardware included
  • Vandal-resistant aerators (2.2 GPM)
  • Check valves for cross-flow prevention in all models
  • Requires no sealants for easy installation

There are many more options to choose from with T&S's water-saving ChekPoint Electronic Sensor Faucets!

Along with ease of installation and a convenient AC/DC control module, new options are available to customize ChekPoint faucets:


  • T&S's EC-3100 deck-mounted or EC-3101 back splash-mounted models allow you to specify any rigid gooseneck you require

  • T&S's EC-HARDWIRE and EC-EASYWIRE allow you to gang up to eight ChekPoint faucets while using only one power supply
  • EC-3106

  • T&S's EC-3106 Electronic Faucet has a unique dual mode feature allowing for either electronic or manual operation


  • Buy American Act compliant | PDF Download »
  • -HG

  • Hydro-generator option (all models)
  • -LF22

  • 2.2 GPM vandal-resistant laminar flow option (all models)
  • -LF05

  • 0.5 GPM vandal-resistant laminar flow option (all models)
  • -LN

  • Less nozzle option (EC-3100, EC-3101 faucet bodies)
  • -SB

  • Surgical Bend Gooseneck option (EC-3100, EC-3101)
  • -SM

  • Side-mount option (EC-3100, EC-3102)
  • -SMT

  • Side mount with thermostatic valve option(EC-3100, EC-3102)
  • -TMV

  • Below deck thermostatic mixing valve option (all models)

Available inofrmation and diagrams are often available for download in the product description section at the top of every page.