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SLOAN Retrofit Autoflushers

Single-flush Side-mount Retrofit Unit

  • Flush cycles start as low as 0.125 gpf (0.5 Lpf) for urinals and 1.28 gpf (4.8 Lpf) for water closets
  • Automatically activates by means of an infrared sensor for touch-free operation
  • Water volume cannot be externally adjusted to exceed intended flush volume
  • True Mechanical Override Button allowing continued operation even if batteries die
  • Fits both toilet and urinal flush valves
  • Easy two minute installation - No tools required
  • 3 Year Warranty (Limited)
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SKU Product Description Price Qty
EBV-500-A Sloan Side Mount Automatic Flusher for Toilets or Urinals - 3325500 - Free Shipping! $145.00
EBV-550-A Sloan Valve Side Mount Dual Automatic Flusher for Toilets - 3325501 - Free Shipping! $225.36
SKU Repair Parts Price Qty
3325507 EBV-570-A Single-Flush Sleeve Assembly (supplied with Hex wrench) $3.86
3325506 EBV-505-A Dual-Flush Sleeve Assembly (supplied with Hex wrench) $3.86
0372049 WES-46 Dual Flush Wall Plate $7.29
3325509 EBV-575-A GEM adapter kit for SFSM single flush only $27.12
5325376 GEM Yellow Gasket (Pack of 5) $10.42
0325380 EBV-545 Collar Wrench $4.16
3325204 EBV-1014-A Battery Tray Assembly $28.16

More Info

Fits both Toilets and Urinals

The battery-powered EBV-500-A Sloan Valve Automatic Flush Unit brings convenient, automatic flushing to toilets and urinals. This unit can be installed in just a few minutes with no water shut-off required. Side Mount unit features a sleek design, sensor-activation and proven diaphragm technology combined with hands-free operation.

The Sloan Valve Single Flush Side Mount Automatic Flush Unit with Manual Overide Button. Sloan Automatic Flusher promotes good hygiene by eliminating potential points of cross-contamination and while preventing odors by ensuring that fixtures are flushed, day and night.

Smart Sense Technology

Sloan EBV-500-A Automatic Flushers flushometers are equipped with Smart Sense Technology. The Smart Sense Technology applies extended range and logic techniques to significantly reduce water usage in high use urinal applications, such as when a continuous line of people (or queue) forms. During a continuous queue, regardless of the number of users, the maximum amount of water used is only 2.5 gallons, assuming a 0.5 gpf diaphragm kit. Please contact us for specific details.

Automatic Operation

Sloan's SFSM flushometers are activated via multi-lobular infrared sensor. The sensor sets the flushing mechanism when the user is detected and completes the flush when the user steps away.

Manual Operation

Sloan's SFSM flushometers can also be activated manually by pushing the black True Mechanical Override (TMO) button.


3 year (limited)


Touchless, sensor activation eliminates the need for user contact except to initiate the True Mechanical Override (TMO) button when required, to help control the spread of infectious diseases. The 72-Hour Sentinel Flush keeps fixture fresh during periods of non-use


Automatic operation provides water usage savings over other flushing devices. Reduces maintenance and operation costs. Installation and battery replacement does not require turning off water to the valve.

Easy 2 Minute Retrofit Installation

No water shut-off required and no plumber needed. Simply remove your existing flush handle with the supplied wrench, replace with your new Side Mount Automatic Flusher unit, and tighten the collar nut with the same wrench. Insert supplied batteries, and you have just converted your restroom to a higher standard of hygiene. Fits Sloan Valve, and Zurn Flush Valves.


Watch Sloan's easy-to-follow installation video »

EBV-500A Sloan Side Mount Automatic Flusher for Commercial Flush Valves

Sloan Side Mount Automatic Flusher for Toilets or Urinals - 3325500 EBV-500-A
5.0 out of 5 based on 7 user ratings.


T. Davis
Review Star Rating
Dec 12, 2018

Sloan Side Mount Automatic Flusher for Toilets or Urinals
Public Library
Review Star Rating
Jun 28, 2018
Fast delivery. Product was very easy to install - didn't need a plumber!. I installed four (two toilets and two urinals) in around 35 minutes. Works great! We plan on buying more.

Sloan valve Auto Flusher kit
Review Star Rating
May 03, 2017
Great product. I installed auto flushers on two urinals in our building. Total installation time for whole project including reading instructions and a little hesitation about going forward without actually turning off the water was about 30 minutes. I had a little confusion because written instructions say to be sure to install a gasket that wasn't in my package. Called the toll free number and customer service cleared up that I didn't need the gasket for the Sloan valves I have in our restroom. Definitely worth the money. No plumbing experience required to install. All necessary tools included with the kit (wrenches) and batteries preibstalled. Five stars.

very good product
bargain shopper
Review Star Rating
Apr 26, 2017
Good product, cheaper than I could get from any plumbing account with faster shipping.. thnx

Review Star Rating
Oct 29, 2017
What a simple process. Had this installed on our urinal in just a few minutes.

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