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Fresh Products DS12

Deodorant Urinal Screens

Deodorant Screen

The #1 selling urinal screen in the world

Freshens Urinal for 30 Days

Freshens your urinal with a pleasant fragrance for 30 days while trapping debris from entering the drain.

Inexpensive Drain Protection

Unique shape and design traps more debris from entering the urinal drain. Saves you time and money by helping prevent costly drain repairs and service.

Flexible and Fits Most Urinals

The Deodorant Screen is flexible and fits most urinals. Made of 100% vinyl.

Patented Performance

This patented urinal screen releases more than twice the active ingredients as look-alike screens over 30 days to keep the urinal and restroom smelling fresh.

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SKU Product Description Price Qty
DS12-C Deodorant Urinal Screens - Cherry - Pack of 10 $20.50
DS12-TF Deodorant Urinal Screens - Tutti Fruitti - Pack of 10 $16.50
DS100-C Deodorant Urinal Screens - Cherry - Pack of 100 $109.89
DS100-TF Deodorant Urinal Screens - Tutti Fruitti - Pack of 100 $109.89

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Inexpensive drain protection for your urinal. Pliable screens trap debris for extra-drain protection while leaving a fresh-scent.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible design: molds to shape of any urinal
  • 100% vinyl screen, no regrind
  • Inexpensive drain protection
  • Pliable screen traps more debris for extra drain protection


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