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Discontinued Cast Iron Hand/Hair Dryer

Surface-mounted hand/hair dryer cover fabricated of porcelain enamel gray cast iron fitted with insulated push button and universal nozzle. Automatic reset circuit breaker protecting heating element.

  • Cast Iron cover
  • Push button operated
  • Surface Mounted
  • Model 2873 - Hand Dryer-White
  • Model 2874 - Hair Dryer-White

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SKU Product Description Price Qty
BC-2874 BC-2874 Cast Iron, White, Surface Mounted Hair Dryer $555.98
SKU Repair Parts Price Qty
P15-317 Motor - 115 Volt $334.99
P15-318 Motor - 208/230 Volt $346.99
P15-319 Heating Element - 115 Volt - 20AMP $85.99
P15-320 Heating Element - 230 Volt - 10.5AMP $92.99
P15-346 Heating Element - 208 Volt - 11 AMP $85.99
P15-298 Screw - Cover $3.99
P15-316 Screw - Recessed Cover $5.99
P15-304 Allen Wrench $10.99
P15-301 Timer - 120 Volt - 30 SEC - 60HZ $187.99
P15-302 Timer - 208/240 Volt - 30 SEC - 60HZ $187.99
P15-321 Timer - 120 Volt - 80 SEC - 60HZ $170.99
P15-322 Timer - 208/240 Volt - 80 SEC - 60HZ $170.99
P15-335 Timer - 220/240 Volt - 30 SEC - 50HZ $170.99
P15-336 Timer - 220/240 Volt - 80 SEC - 50HZ $170.99
P15-300 Fuse Holder - Glass Fuse $12.99
P15-299 Fuse - 2AMP $3.99
P15-323 Push Button Assembly $63.99
P15-324 Push Button Spring Kit $7.99
P15-325 Brushes - GE w/Black Cartridge $28.99
P15-326 Brushes - GE w/White Cartridge $37.99
P15-358A Model 2874 Replacement Cover - White $515.99
P15-347 Switch Only (Open Blade Type) $67.99
P15-348 Micro Switch Only $67.99
P15-351 Push Button Adaptor & Bearing Kit $36.99
P15-353 Inlet Grill, Brackets & Rivets (Surface Vandal Resistant) $52.99
P15-354 Inlet Grill, Brackets & Rivets (Recessed Standard) $54.99

More Info

BC-2874 Maintenance Instructions

Stainless Steel Washroom Accessories

Stainless steel is a low-carbon steel that contains at least 10 percent chromium. The addition of chromium gives the steel its unique corrosion-resisting properties. Most Bradley accessories are fabricated from type 304 stainless steel, which contains 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. Bradley uses it because it is extremely durable, resists corrosion, stands up to many chemicals, and is easy to fabricate.

Stainless steels are very resistant to rust, however this does not mean that they are impervious to it. Stainless steel must be kept clean and free from contaminants. Frequent cleaning with mild soap and water or glass cleaner and a cotton cloth is required.

Sometimes stainless steel products will develop corrosion or discoloration due to environmental and installation conditions. The following is a list of common conditions that cause corrosion or discoloration of stainless steel and should be avoided:

  • Chloride containing cleansers - this includes bleach and any bleach containing cleaners
  • Muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) - commonly used to clean up after tile/concrete installation
  • Concentrated soap residue - chemical additives will cause discoloration and some dried soaps actually look like rust
  • Water with high iron content - can leave a rusty residue, especially if allowed to drip continuously
  • Contact with iron materials - including steel wool, machining chips, and iron residue/dust from installation or cleaning of other steel products
  • Trapped moisture between the product and another object - rubber mats, metal cans of soaps or cleaners
  • Salts - contain chlorides

Any discoloration or corrosion should be removed as soon as possible, or permanent discoloration and pitting of the surface could occur. Usually, the product can be restored to its original condition. Most discoloration can be removed with a mild cleanser (Ajax, Bon Ami, etc.) or stainless steel cleaner (Revere Ware Stainless Steel Cleaner, Goddard's Stainless Steel Cleaner, etc.) and a Scotchbrite pad. The surface should then be thoroughly rinsed with clear water. With proper maintenance, stainless steel will maintain its luster and appearance indefinitely.

Washroom Accessories Warranty

Bradley Corporation warrants to commercial and institutional purchasers only each new Bradley washroom accessory unit purchased from us to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service upon the following terms and conditions:

1. This warranty is limited to replacing or repairing, at our option, transportation charges prepaid by the purchaser, any Bradley washroom accessory unit or part thereof which our inspection shall show to have been defective within the limitations of this warranty.

2. The period during which Bradley accessory units are warranted is as follows, measured from the date of our invoices:

  • Complete unit, excepting mirrors - one (1) year.
  • Stainless Steel Mirror Frames - fifteen (15) years against corrosion.
  • Plate Glass Mirrors - fifteen (15) years against silver spoilage.
  • Hand/Hair Dryers - ten (10) years (see Bradley's  DRYER WARRANTY).
  • Tempered Glass Mirrors - five (5) years against silver spoilage.
  • Laminate Glass - five (5) years against silver spoilage.
  • Polished #8 Architectural Grade Finish on 304 Series Stainless Steel - one (1) year against corrosion.
  • Bright Annealed Finish on 430 Series Stainless Steel - one (1) year against corrosion.

3. This warranty does not cover installation labor charges and does not apply to any units which have been damaged by accident, abuse, improper installation, improper maintenance, or altered in any way.

4. The replacement or repair of defective Bradley washroom accessory units as stated in this warranty shall constitute the sole remedy of the purchaser and the sole liability of Bradley Corporation under this warranty. BRADLEY CORPORATION SHALL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INDIRECT DAMAGES CAUSED BY DEFECTS IN BRADLEY WASHROOM ACCESSORY UNITS OR ANY DELAY IN THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT THEREOF.

5. This warranty extends only to commercial and institutional purchasers and does not extend to any others, including consumer customers of commercial and institutional purchasers.



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