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FALCON Urinal Conversion System

$317.18 / each

FALCON Urinal Conversion System
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Bobrick Restroom Accessory B-FHCS-KIT

FALCON Urinal Conversion System

Easy conversion of traditional urinals to water efficient touchless systems. Water savings of 95-99% over traditional urinals.


In a simple two step process, with common tools, convert traditional manual flush urinals into touchless super efficient hybrid systems.

FALCON Urinal Conversion System helps facilities dramatically reduce water usage and provides significant cost in use savings and upgrades hygiene.

  • 2 cartridges included in kit



Total: $317.18

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  • Touchless: Reduces the crosscontamination risk.
  • Block Odors: At rest, FALCON cartridges limit oxidation and odor by limiting urine exposure to the atmosphere.
  • Sanitary: Minimizes plume when flushing, reducing airborne particles.

Water Savings

  • Preset or Adjustable Intervals: Actuator can be set by installer or facility to flush on 4 timed intervals from 30 minutes to 3 hours to optimize water savings and reduce odor, based on demand.
  • Reduces Water Usage: When not used for 135 minutes, actuator will flush urinal once, then sleep until next use.


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