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FALCON B-FHCS-6 (6) Replacement Cartridges

$205.48 / each

FALCON B-FHCS-6 (6) Replacement Cartridges

Bobrick Restroom Accessory B-FHCS-6

FALCON B-FHCS-6 (6) Replacement Cartridges

Are you interested in finding a simple way to convert your traditional urinals into highly water-efficient, touchless systems? Do you want to have a more sustainable business and are looking to increase your water savings by 95-99%? With a waterless urinal cartridge from our Air Delights team, you can instantly transform an outdated restroom into a modern and eco-friendly facility! When it comes to waterless urinal cartridge replacement, the FALCON B-FHCS-6 replacement cartridges stand out for their easy installation process. These cartridges offer a hassle-free experience, making them a preferred choice for commercial establishments. Order FALCON B-FHCS-6 replacement cartridges today; you’ll also enjoy quick and convenient shipping.



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  • Touchless: Reduces the crosscontamination risk.
  • Block Odors: At rest, FALCON cartridges limit oxidation and odor by limiting urine exposure to the atmosphere.
  • Sanitary: Minimizes plume when flushing, reducing airborne particles.

Water Savings

  • Preset or Adjustable Intervals: Actuator can be set by installer or facility to flush on 4 timed intervals from 30 minutes to 3 hours to optimize water savings and reduce odor, based on demand.
  • Reduces Water Usage: When not used for 135 minutes, actuator will flush urinal once, then sleep until next use.


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