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Hand Dryers Bobrick

Bobrick Aircraft Hand Dryer - 230V

  • Cast-iron with white vitreous enamel finish
  • Infrared sensor automatically turns dryer on when hands or self-returning nozzle are held under airoutlet opening and across path of sensor
  • Sealed ball bearing at drive-shaft end and self-lubricating sleeve bearing at nondrive end
  • Equipped with automatic thermal-overload switch
  • UL Listed
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B-700-230 B-700-230 AirCraft Automatic Hand Dryer 230V $480.99
B-700-115 B-700-115 AirCraft Automatic Hand Dryer 115V $480.99

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Product Features

No-touch operation: electronic sensor automatically turns dryer on when hands or self-returning nozzle are held under air-outlet opening and across path of sensor.

Two-position nozzle is adjustable to direct airflow: up position directs airflow down for hand drying and down position directs airflow up for face drying. After drying face, release nozzle and it automatically returns to up position. Remove hands or release self-returning nozzle from path of sensor and dryer stops. Dryer will not stop by itself before user is hands or face are dry.

Dryer operates only when actually drying hands or face, which saves energy and operating costs. Electronic sensor will automatically shut dryer off 1-1/2 minutes after dryer turns on if inanimate object, such as tape or chewing gum, is placed across air-outlet opening.


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