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T&S Brass Products B-2866-04

Medical Faucet, Deck Mount, 8" Centers, Swivel Gooseneck W/Rosespray, 4" Wrist Handles

Medical Faucet, Deck Mount, 8" Centers, Swivel Gooseneck W/Rosespray, 4" Wrist Handles

EasyInstall Medical Lavatory Faucet w/ 5-3/4 inch Swivel Gooseneck and Wrist-action Handles

  • 8" EasyInstall concealed deck-mount mixing faucet w/ forged brass body
  • 5-3/4" swivel gooseneck w/ swivel-to-rigid washer to convert swivel gooseneck to rigid
  • Rosespray outlet, Series 1 (B-0103-01)
  • 4" wrist action handles w/ color coded indexes (B-WH4)
  • Eterna compression cartridges
  • 1/2" NPSM male inlets w/ coupling nuts
  • Variations:

  • B-2866 4" wrist-action handles are replaced w/ 6" wrist-action handles
  • B-2866-01QT-VRF Eterna cartridges replaced by 1/4-turn Eterna cartridges, and the rosespray outlet is replaced by a vandal-resistant 2.2Gpm laminar flow device
  • Additional model variations shown in More Info section, below

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More Info
SKU Product Description Price QTY
B-2866-04 Medical Faucet, Deck Mount, 8" Centers, Swivel Gooseneck W/Rosespray, 4" Wrist Handles $243.72
B-2866 Medical Faucet, Deck Mount, 8" Centers, Swivel Gooseneck w/Rosespray, 6" Wrist Handles $251.64
B-2866-04-01QT 8" c/c Deck Mount Faucet, 1/4 Turn Eternas, Swivel Gooseneck, 4" Wrist Handles $277.92
B-2866-04-QT Concealed Widespread Faucet, 8" Centers, Swivel Gooseneck, QT Eternas, 4" Wrist Handles $243.72
B-2866-04L Medical Faucet, Deck Mount, 12" Centers, Swivel Gooseneck w/Stream Regulator, 4" Wrist Handles $316.44
B-2866-04LN 8" Concealed deck mount mixing faucet (less nozzle) $196.56
SKU Repair Parts Price QTY
001048-45 Nozzle Tip Washer $4.34
B-0103-01 Rosespray Outlet, 55/64-27Un Female Threads $25.43
016742-45 CWS EasyInstall Center Flange Nut $6.15
016745-45 CWS EasyInstall Center Compression Fitting & Nut $6.55
001686-45 Snap-In Index, Medium Blue, Cold Water C.W. $4.54
000925-45 Stainless Steel Pan Head Handle Screw $4.43
B-WH4 4" Wrist-Action Handle $26.99
001257-40 B-0850 Side Body Escutcheon (Chrome-Plated) $12.77
016752-40 CWS EasyInstall LTC Eterna w/ Teflon Seal $47.38
016749-45 Concealed Widespread (CSW) EasyInstall Sidebody Support Washer $5.38
016777-45 Concealed Widespread EasyInstall (CWS) Faucet Instasllation Hanger $5.34
000958-20 Brass Coupling Nut, 1/2" NPSM Female Threads $5.44
016753-40 CWS EasyInstall RTC Eterna w/ Teflon Seal $47.38
016743-25 Bonnet for EasyInstall Concealed Widespread $11.68
009002-25 B-0850 Packing Nut / Lock Nut Assembly $6.38
001194-45 Snap-In Index, Red, Hot Water H.W. $4.54
014200-45 Easyinstall Stainless Steel Lock Washer (Swivel/Rigid) $4.43
016754-40 EasyInstall CWS Swivel Center Shank Assembly $77.07
017245-40 Installation Parts Kit - Easyinstall Concealed Widespread $15.04
More Info
Variations: B-2866-04 Medical Lavatory Faucets
Model Handle Cartridge Nozzle Outlet Notes
B-2866 6" Wrist-action Eterna 6" Swivel Gooseneck Rosespray Outlet EasyInstall
B-2866-04 4" Wrist-action Eterna 6" Swivel Gooseneck Rosespray Outlet EasyInstall
B-2866-04-01QT 4" Wrist-action 1/4-turn Eterna 5" Swivel Gooseneck 2.2Gpm Aerator EasyInstall
B-2866-04-QT 4" Wrist-action 1/4-turn Eterna 6" Swivel Gooseneck Rosespray Outlet EasyInstall
B-2866-04L 4" Wrist-action Eterna 6" Swivel Gooseneck Stream Regulator Outlet 12" Inlet Centers
B-2866-04LN 4" Wrist-action Eterna NO Nozzle --- EasyInstall



Nozzle Tip Washer SKU: 001048-45


55/64-27 UN Female
Rosespray Outlet
SKU: B-0103-01


Center Flange Nut SKU: 016742-45


Compression Nut and Fitting SKU: 016745-45


Cold Water Index (blue) SKU: 001686-45


Lab Handle Screw SKU: 000925-45


4" Wrist Action Handle SKU: B-WH4


Bell Escutcheon SKU: 001257-40


EasyInstall CWS Eterna (Teflon) left-to-close SKU: 016752-40


Sidebody C-washer SKU: 016749-45


CWS Hanger SKU: 016777-45


Coupling Nut SKU: 000958-20


EasyInstall CWS Eterna (Teflon) right-to-close SKU: 016753-40


CWS Bonnet SKU: 016743-25


Packing Nut SKU: 009002-25


Hot Water Index (red) SKU:001194-45


Anti-rotation Star Washer SKU: 014200-45


EasyInstall CWS Swivel Center Shank SKU: 016754-40

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