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Flushmate Duckbill Valve (Air inducer)

$1.46 / each

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Flushmate Duckbill Valve (Air inducer)

Flushmate B-108288

Flushmate Duckbill Valve (Air inducer)

Sloan Valve Flushmate Duckbill Valve (Air inducer) 4 Count Pack for Power Flush Toilet

The B-108288-BK Duckbill Valve, is designed to replace your existing Flushmate duckbill for your Flushmate system.

The duckbill valve is located under the cap on the Upper Supply Assembly. The Upper Supply assembly is located on the top of your Flushmate system and has a hose connected to it from the water supply. The Duckbill Valve open and closes to add air to your Flushmate system during the recharge process.

Compatibility Flushmate System

  • Flushmate III - 503
  • Flushmate III - 503H
  • Flushmate IV - 504



In Stock

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Duckbill Valve (Air inducer) Single, 4, or 24 Count Pack

- Single, 4 or 24 pack B-108288-24K Duckbill

Sloan Flushmate Genuine Replacement Parts

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