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T&S Brass Products B-0678

Bedpan Washer, Loose Key Angle Inlet Valve W/ Shut-Off & Vacuum Breaker, 5' Pvc Hose

Bedpan Washer and 5ft PVC Hose w/ Extended Spray Nozzle and Self Closing Spray Valve

  • 1/2" NPT female loose key angle inlet valve w/ shut-off and vacuum breaker (B-0968)
  • 5ft (1.5 m) PVC hose (B-0068-R) w/ self-closing valve (002865-40)
  • Variations:

  • B-0678-01 Extended spray nozzle replaced w/ angled spray valve (EB-0107-035), and 5ft PVC hose is replaced w/ 47-1/4" (1200mm) stainless steel hose w/ blue handle (EB-0120-CMH)
  • B-0679 No self-closing valve. Extended spray connected directly to hose.

Downloads: Specs | Install | Submittal

SKU Product Name Price QTY
B-0678 Bedpan Washer, Loose Key Angle Inlet Valve W/ Shut-Off & Vacuum Breaker, 5' Pvc Hose $344.91
B-0678-01 Bedpan Washer, Loose Key Stop, Vacuum Breaker Outlet, Self-Closing Spray Valve $412.11
B-0679 Bedpan Washer, Loose Key Angle Inlet W/Shut-Off & Vacuum Breaker, Extended Spray Outlet $392.57
SKU Repair Parts Price QTY
002865-40 Extended Spray Wand Assembly 029A $89.42
010476-45 Hose & Spray Valve Washer $4.13
000907-45 Spray Valve Hold Down Ring $5.28
B-0068-R 68" Reinforced Pvc Hose Assembly W/ Handle $98.61
B-0104-D Hook, Dummy Wall Hook W/ Mounting Screws $43.86
B-0968 Vacuum Breaker, 3/8" Npt Inlet & Outlet, Atmospheric, Polished Chrome Finish $42.09
002341-40 Nipple, 3/8" Npt X 1-1/2" Long (Chrome Plated) $10.08
001355-40 Elbow 3/8 $32.64
053A Adapter: 3/8" Npt Male X 3/4-14Un Male (Plated) $10.72
007010-40 Straight Stop Assembly W/ 4-Arm Handle (Blue Index) $76.32
002535-25 3/8" Npt Close Nipple (Chrome Plated) $11.76
B-1351 Loose Key Angle Stop, 1/2" Npt Female Inlet, 3/8" Npt Female Union Coupling Outlet $103.89
001802-45 T-Handle For Supply Stop $7.60
002432-45 Screw For Loose Key Handle $4.70
Technical Documents
B-0678: Specifications [PDF]

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Extended Spray Wand SKU: 002865-40


#27 Washer SKU: 010476-45


Spray Valve Hold-down Ring SKU: 000907-45


68" Reinforced PVC Hose SKU: B-0068-R


Dummy Wall Hook Bracket SKU: B-0104-D


3/8" NPT Vacuum Breaker SKU: B-0968


3/8" NPT x 1-1/2" Nipple SKU: 002341-40


3/8" NPT Elbow SKU: 001355-40


3/8" NPT Male Adapter SKU: 053A


Straight Stop w/ 4-arm Handle and Cold Water Index (blue) SKU: 007010-40


3/8" Close Nipple SKU: 002535-25


1/2" NPT Loose Key Angle Stop w/ T-handle and Screw SKU: B-1351


Service Stop Spindle w/ Cap, Handle and Screw SKU: 166A

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