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Hospeco Products AWSFUS007

AirWorks Splash Free Urinal Screen - Mango - 10 Pack

Hospeco AirWorks Splash Free Urinal Screen - Mango - 10 Pack

A huge step ahead of the usual plain plastic or wire screening

Splash around urinals is an unsightly, unsanitary problem. Even worse is splash to a urinal user's pants. Yet ordinary screens don't do much to control splash, much less prevent it. HOSPECO's new AirWorks Splash Free urinal screen was designed to better control and even eliminate splashing.

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AWSFUS007 AirWorks Splash Free Urinal Screen - Mango - 10 Pack $27.99
AWSFUS007-CS AirWorks Splash Free Urinal Screen - Mango - 60 Pack $150.00

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AirWorks Splash Free Urinal Screens

  • New Micro-Tube patented technology releases a fresh burst of fragrance with use
  • Avoids offensive splashing inside and around the urinal
  • Both the facility and the patron remain clean and dry
  • Unique draining system in every micro-tube, leaves the screen residue free
  • Material formula contains enzymes to prevent unpleasant odors
  • Screen prevents the passage of debris into drains, helping to prevent costly plumbing repairs
  • Flexible EVA material with raised feet on bottom, for use in both dry and standing water urinals
AirWorks Splash Free Urinal Screen - Mango - 10 Pack AWSFUS007
5.0 out of 5 based on 1 user ratings.


Review Star Rating
May 11, 2020
The product is very good. The screens are genuinely splash free. The product offers a long lasting odor that is pleasant to the senses. Due to the strength of this products odor it can and probably should be used in larger facility rooms. I will continue to use Air Delights AirWorks Splash Free Urinal Screens.

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