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Sensor Activated Faucets

Sienna AutoFaucet SST Kit

  • Kit includes: 4" trim plate, thermostatic Mixing Valve and hot/cold supply hoses.
  • Touch-free activation eliminates cross-contamination to help reduce the spread of germs
  • Surround Sensor technology creates a 3" omni-directional sensing zone guaranteeing activation every time
  • Patented "dry" cam-gear technology (solenoid valve free) ensures trouble-free operation to reduce maintenance
  • Long battery life 400,000 cycles or 3 years (4 "D" batteries included)
  • Optional AC power adapter available

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750645 Sienna AutoFaucet SST Kit with 4" Center Set Trim Plate and Valve Control Module $428.99
500555 Sienna AutoFaucet SST (no trim plate) $418.99
500574 Sienna AutoFaucet SST Kit with 4" Center Set Trim Plate, Valve Control Module, Mixing Valve and Hoses $489.99
500575 Sienna AutoFaucet SST Kit with 8" Center Set Trim Plate, Valve Control Module, Mixing Valve and Hoses $499.99

More Info

Auto Faucet SST sets the standard for reliability and user-friendly performance in automated faucet systems with patented Surround Sensor Technology.
World-Class Reliability... breakthrough "surround sensor" technology (no infrared) senses user from any angle, patented cam gear technology controls water flow and eliminates sticking solenoid valves that cause dripping -- trouble-free operation.

Only products featuring Radius Technology apply proprietary "smart chip" microprocessors, state-of-the-art sensors, and exclusive cam gear "dry" componentry. Radius also incorporates proprietary non-stall technology providing the longest battery life and innovative delivery systems. Additionally, Radius ensures breakthrough installation simplicity without the need for specialized tools or prior adaptation capability.

Radius delivers Cost Saving Reliability, Simplicity and Longevity.