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Economizer Air Freshener Dispenser

AutoFresh Economy Air Freshener Dispenser

AutoFresh Economy Air Freshener Dispenser

Sprays once every 15 minutes

  • Air freshener dispenser controls odors in areas up to 800 square ft.
  • 16 pleasing fragrances to choose from.
  • 9000 metered sprays
  • Air Freshener Refills last up to 180 days
  • Proactive display provides advance notice when the air freshener refill or new batteries will be needed.
  • Real time clock for maximum programming flexibility.
  • Microburst air freshener and neutralizer refills are three times the power-per-ounce of traditional aerosol.

The AutoFresh Economizer Air Freshener Dispenser uses Neutralle Air Neutralizers with Microtrans to eliminate odors leaving a fresh clean scent in your home or business.

SKU Product Description Price Qty
401375 AutoFresh Economy Air Freshener Dispenser $29.99
SKU Refills Price Qty
401231 Aerosol Fragrance Preference Pack (2 each of Fresh Linen, Orchard Splash, Mountain Air, Garden Delight and Ocean Mist) $54.90
400983 Fresh Linen Aerosol Air Freshener Refill $5.49
400984 Orchard Splash Aerosol Air Freshener Refill $5.49
400985 Mountain Air Aerosol Air Freshener Refill $5.49
401506 Garden Delights Aerosol Air Freshener Refill $5.49
401547 Ocean Mist Aerosol Air Freshener Refill $5.49
400696 Cinnamon Spice Aerosol Air Freshener Refill - 400696 $6.49
401976 Lemon Air Freshener Refills $6.49
401975 Powder Air Freshener Refill $6.49
401504 Mandarin Orange Aerosol Air Freshener Refill - 401504 $6.49
401503 Delicious Apple Aerosol Air Freshener Refill $6.49
401690 Mango Micro 3000 Air Freshener Refill $5.49

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