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Micro 3000 Air Freshener Refills: Fragrance Pack

Fragrance Pack Micro 3000

  • (2 each) Fresh Linen:
    Fresh Linen is enhanced with notes of jasmine, lilac, peony, Egyptian musk and French vanilla.
  • (2 each) Orchard Splash:
    The fresh, fruity and juicy fragrance of peach, apricot and apple blend together to give off the smell of strolling through a country orchard.
  • (2 each) Mountain Air:
    Mountain Air is composed of lily of the valley and evergreen, which is followed by light accords of melon and wildflowers.
  • (2 each) Garden Delight:
    The fragrance is reminiscent of a flower garden supported by a cedar base, further enhancing the clean, floral smell.
  • (2 each) Ocean Mist:
    This fragrance is a cool marine blend of saltwater, sea waves and refreshing ocean breeze that come together.

Stock # Micro 3000 Aerosol Refills Unit/Price Qty.
401260 Fragrance Preference Pack:
2 each of
Fresh Linen, Orchard Splash, Mountain Air, Garden Delight and Ocean Mist
401255 Fresh Linen
401256 Orchard Splash
401257 Mountain Air
401259 Garden Delight
401258 Ocean Mist
802455 Vanilla Bean
802456 Cinnamon
802458 Orange Citrus
802459 Delicious Apple NEW!
802460 Jasmine Bloom NEW!
802461 Apple Cinnamon NEW!
802462 Spring Sage NEW!
402408 Mandarin Orange
401253 Baby Powder NEW!
Stock # Microburst 3000 Dispensers Unit / Price Qty.
401219 Microburst 3000 Programmable Air Neutralizer Dispenser - White
401442 Microburst 3000 Economizer Dispenser
— sprays every 15 min
Stock # Accessories Unit / Price Qty.
Dcell-2 D-Cell Batteries

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