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SLOAN EBV-500A AutoFlush Valve

Sensor-activated Single-flush Side Mount Flushometer (SFSM)

  • Chrome-plated infrared sensor housing
  • Can be mounted on either the left or right side of valve
  • True Mechanical Override (TMO) button
  • 72-Hour Sentinel Flush
  • Flashing LED indicators for "Low Battery" and "User in View"

Downloads: Specs | Install | Maintenance

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SKU Complete Flush Valves for Toilets Price Qty
3910275 Sloan Royal 111-1.6 Automatic Flush Valve (EBV-500), Single Flush for Toilets - 1.6 gpf $347.52
3910276 Sloan Royal 111-1.28 Automatic Flush Valve (EBV-500), Single Flush for Toilets - 1.28 gpf $342.32
SKU Complete Flush Valves for Urinals Price Qty
3912745 Sloan Royal 186-1.0 Automatic Flush Valve (EBV-500), Single Flush for Urinals - 1.0 gpf $342.32
3912746 Sloan Royal 186-0.5 Automatic Flush Valve (EBV 500) Single Flush for Urinals - 0.5 gpf $342.32
3912747 Sloan Royal 186-0.25 Automatic Flush Valve (EBV-500), Single Flush for Urinals - 0.25 gpf $342.32
3912748 Sloan Royal 186-0.125 Automatic Flush Valve (EBV-500), Single Flush for Urinals - 0.125 gpf $342.32

More Info

Product Description

Exposed, battery-powered, sensor-activated, water closet flushometer with a single flush side mount unit for top spud floor mounted or wall hung bowls.

Smart Sense Technology

Sloan SFSM flushometers are equipped with Smart Sense Technology, which applies extended range and logic techniques to provide superior sensor-activated performance.


Touchless, sensor activation eliminates the need for user contact except to initiate the True Mechanical Override button when required, to help control the spread of infectious diseases. The 72-Hour Sentinel Flush keeps fixture fresh during periods of non-use.

Automatic Operation

Sloan's SFSM flushometers are activated via multi-lobular infrared sensor. The sensor sets the flushing mechanism when the user is detected and completes the flush when the user steps away.

Manual Operation

Sloan SFSM flushometers can also be activated manually by pushing the black TMO button.

Service Mode

Features service mode which ignores targets for 10 minutes to enable fixture to be cleaned or serviced.


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