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Sloan CX 0.5 gpf Manual Urinal Flushometer - 3/4" Rear Spud - Brushed Nickel Wall Plate

$343.75 / each

Sloan CX 0.5 gpf Manual Urinal Flushometer - 3/4" Rear Spud - Brushed Nickel Wall Plate

Sloan 3400210

Sloan CX 0.5 gpf Manual Urinal Flushometer - 3/4" Rear Spud - Brushed Nickel Wall Plate

0.5 gpf, Filtered, Rough Brass Finish, Brushed Nickel Wall Plate Finish, Single Flush, Integrated Control Stop, 3.25-4.25 L Dimension, Adjustable Flush Connection Outlet Tube, ADA Compliant Push Button, Short V500A & Adjustable Flush Connection Vacuum Breaker, Front Accessible Wall Box


  • Fixed volume piston with filtered O-ring bypass
  • Front access wall plate requires no rear access plumbing chase
  • ADA compliant push button
  • Vandal resistant wall plate
  • Adjustable flush connection



Total: $343.75

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Built for the Architect

Sloan understands the importance of designing to fit your space. So we developed the industry's smallest front access wall panel, nearly 70% smaller than the industry standard. They built it to be vandal resistant, ensuring impressive product longevity that won't tarnish over time. The CX's small size and concealed valve allows for it to be an integral part of any restroom without interrupting the integrity of the design or architecture.

Sloan CX Built for Architecture
Sloan Fashioned for Designers

Fashioned for the designer

Sloan has worked closely with architects and designers around the world to ensure that our efficient, water-saving products are also beautiful. With a choice of Polished Chrome or 4 attractive PVD finishes, including our newest color, Matte Black, the CX allows you to make the statement of your choice that elevates your restrooms.

Made for the Building Owner

For building owners, the restroom is a reflection on their property and can often make or break the impression of their entire building. Not only is CX pleasing to the eye, it doesn't require a rear access plumbing chase, meaning up to 60% more usable space in every restroom. The CX Flushometer will not only surpass all design and ease of use expectations, it will also vastly contribute to any property's annual water savings with high efficiency water conservation technology.

Sloan CX Made for Building Owners
Sloan CX Crafted for Contractors

Crafted for Contractors & Facility Managers

The CX streamlines the installation process. Instead of bringing the valve to the plumbing, the CX features an integrated control stop and adjustable flush connection, with an all-vertical, in-line, rough-in that allows the installer to bring the plumbing to the valve. Once installed, all the servicing of repair parts can be done single-handedly in front of the wall, through the wall plate using half the labor. No longer do facility managers need to navigate, narrow, congested plumbing chases for routine repairs.

Ideal for the Engineer

The CX Flushometer is a product of over a century's work to produce the very best in advanced technology for engineers. We took the main concerns an engineer faces — product functionality, size and performance — and provided solutions. The concealed, clean valve and body design is ideal for new construction or as a renovation to most existing plumbing systems.

Sloan CX Ideal for Engineer


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