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Automatic Combo Faucets 3346094

ESD-701 CP Soap Dispenser w/ below deck pump, soap and faucet

ESD-701 CP Soap Dispenser w/ below deck pump, soap and faucet

ESD-700 visually matches EAF-700/750
Combo ESD-701 includes ESD-700 and EAF-750-ISM

Faucet: Code 3335074
Soap Dispenser: Code 3346095


  • Combination faucet, soap dispenser and soap
  • Can be ordered as individual soap dispenser (ESD-700)
  • Hardwired or battery powered
  • Easy to install and maintain with 1500ml or 2300ml refill sizes
  • Ships with 2 soap refills
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SKU Product Description Price Qty
3346094 ESD-701 CP Soap Dispenser w/ below deck pump, soap and faucet $993.75
SKU Refills Price Qty
3346044 ESD-321 Green Certified Foam Soap 1.5L Bottle (2 Pack) $78.16
SKU Accessories Price Qty
346090 ESD-324 - 6 Volt AC Adapter for ESD Soap Dispenser $25.38

More Info

The ESD-701 is part of Sloan's new line of matching combination soap dispensers and faucets. They are easy to order kits for any bathroom. The soap dispenser uses a replaceable soap refill bottle with easy release collar for fast soap refill changes. The sensor technology offers a hands-free operation by delivering a pre-measured foam soap application "on demand."


Sensor Activated, Electronic, Chrome Plated Die-Cast Metal, Gooseneck Hand Washing Faucet with the following features:

  • Flow Rate: 1.5 gpm / 5.7 Lpm
  • Modular One-piece Construction with all Concealed Components above deck
  • Double Infrared Sensors with Automatic Setting Feature and Microprocessor
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Bi-stable Magnetic Solenoid Valve
  • 6 volt Lithium CR-P2 Commercial Battery included

Soap Dispenser:

  • Modular one-piece construction is easy to install on a sink deck surface
  • All electronics in spout are sealed
  • Designed for drip free foam dispensing operation
  • Battery life of 45,000 activations
  • Ships with 2 bottles of non-scented, non-colored foam soap (1500ml per bottle)
  • Ships with battery pack (4 "D" Alkaline batteries included)
  • Optional AC adapter can be purchased separately
  • Cannot convert battery powered faucet to electric


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