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SLOAN BASYS Sensor Activated FaucetsEFX-350

Sloan EFX-350 Battery-Powered Deck-Mounted Low Body Faucet, 1.5 gpm, Aerated Spray, Capacitance Sensor

EFX350.012.0000 Features

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  • Modular construction
  • One tool service
  • Solenoid housed in removable carrier that includes supply strainer
  • Integral water supply shut off
  • Supply strainer serviceable from above deck
  • Vandal resistant spray insert, key housed inside faucet body
  • All electronics sealed to IP-67
  • Gold plated electrical contacts
  • Above deck individual diagnostic indicators for battery life, solenoid condition, and power-up mode
  • Flexible, high pressure supply hoses, 3/8" compression connections
  • Bi-stable magnetic solenoid
  • Four (4) "AA" alkaline batteries
  • Single hole installation
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Faucet can be upgraded to add solar and/or LCD display
  • All serviceable components accessed above deck

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3324000 Sloan EFX-350 Battery-Powered Deck-Mounted Low Body Faucet, 1.5 gpm, Aerated Spray, Capacitance Sensor $399.47
SKU Accessory Price Qty
MIX60A Sloan Valve MIX-60-A Faucet Temperature Mixing Valve $33.25

More Info

Multiple body types offer a variety of functional and aesthetic options

Tailor It to Fit

BASYS has a robust range of features, options and user enhancements that can be customized to fit the needs of any application. Configurability, combined with interchangeable componentry, delivers a truly modular approach that also streamlines the time and costs associated with service and maintenance throughout the life of the product.

Two different kinds of sensing technologies available

Active Infrared (IR)

Infrared sensing is the standard on all BASYS models. When a user's hands reflect the invisible light beam, the faucet knows to begin the flow of water. Infrared models are designed to provide easy, above-deck access to key components, and offer additional user enhancements.

    Key Features:

  • Individual external diagnostic LEDs
  • All key components — battery, valve caddy and solenoid — are easily accessible for above-deck service
  • Can accommodate or upgrade to solar and / or LCD
  • Adjustable time-out settings
  • Available with mechanical mixer, integral to spout
  • Available on all models

Capacitance (C)

Capacitance sensing utilizes the human body's own natural conductivity. When the faucet senses a hand, it starts the flow of water. There is no sensor window and critical components are protected in a watertight, below- deck box. An excellent choice for high-use environments, or when vandalism is a concern

    Key Features:

  • Individual external diagnostic LEDs
  • Below-deck components protected in a watertight box
  • Only two keyed wire connections located between the spout and control module
  • Self-adapting sensing
  • Automatic time-out based on flow rate
  • Available on Low and Low Integrated Base models

Interchangeable crowns help tailor a product to fit the unique needs of a particular installation

Crowns are interchangeable with models that utilize the same method of sensing

4 types of Basys Crowns


  • A clean, bowed crown is the standard for all models. It provides an uninterrupted appearance. (IR/C)
  • Solar:

  • Solar panels embedded in the crown draw power from artificial and natural light sources. (IR)
  • Solar + Display

  • Both solar panels and LCD display are embedded into a single crown. (IR)

A Seamless User Experience

BASYS is designed and engineered to make hand washing a seamless, intuitive experience. All BASYS products embed the sensor right where the water exits, initiating the flow of water to the user on-demand.

The undercut spout provides a clean overhead appearance, ample clearance, and a variety of spray insert options for a customized feel, as well as water conservation.

Call (800) 440-5556 to customize your BASYS faucet!

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