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Terminator Hard Surface Cleaner


All purpose cleaner & deodorizer


All purpose cleaner & deodorizer eliminates almost all odors on contact on a wide variety of surfaces in a ready to use formula.

Freshens for 30 days

Ideal for use in locker rooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms, classrooms, shower rooms, closets, garbage chutes, sick rooms or anywhere there is an unpleasant odor.

To deodorize, use as a space spray. Spray upwards toward center of room. The number of trigger strokes depends on the size of the room and the severity of the odor problem. No dilution necessary.

To clean any hard surface where food is not prepared, simply spray and wipe with cloth or sponge.

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SKU Product Description Price Qty
32TN-1 Terminator Hard Surface Cleaner - 1 Quart - Single $5.99
32TN Terminator Hard Surface Cleaner - 1 Quart - Case of 12 $65.44

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Terminator is a liquid cleaner that does not need to be diluted for each use. It is versatile enough to be used as an all purpose hard surface cleaner and deodorizer in locker rooms, closets, or anywhere!

Key Benefits

  • Versatile: all purpose cleaner & deodorizer eliminates all odors on contact on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Easy to use: RTU no dilution needed
  • Ideal for locker rooms, closets, or other areas
  • Unique fragrance: clean-smelling fragrance instantly deodorizes offensive odors


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