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TCell 2.0 Dispensers 1957533

Tcell 2.0 Dispenser - Chrome

Features and Benefits

TCell 2.0 is a sleek odor control system that utilizes advanced fuel cell technology to deliver a precise, timed dose of high-quality fragrance for up to 45 days.

  • The TCell 2.0 Odor Control System is orientation independent and spill resistant, with the ability to mount to an array of vertical or horizontal surfaces - walls, ceilings, and even furninture.
  • TCell 2.0 requires no batteries and operates silently.

With its compact design and ability to be mounted to a variety of surfaces, TCell 2.0 is a great fit for offices, lobbies and other common areas where unpleasant odors can put a damper on the environment. With spill-resistance, it can be mounted to an array of vertical or horizontal surfaces - walls, ceilings and even furniture.

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1957533 Tcell 2.0 Dispenser - Chrome $4.99
1957531 Tcell 2.0 Dispenser - Black $4.99
1972664 Tcell 2.0 Dispenser - Brushed Chrome $4.99

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