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TCell 2.0 Air Freshener Refills 1957529

TCell 2.0 Refill - Elegance

With its compact design and ability to be mounted to a variety of surfaces, TCell 2.0 is a great fit for offices, lobbies and other common areas where unpleasant odors can put a damper on the environment. With spill-resistance, it can be mounted to an array of vertical or horizontal surfaces - walls, ceilings and even furniture. Passive, battery-free, odor-control system is sleek and modern.

TCell 2.0 utilizes advanced Fuel Cell Technology, delivering a precise, timed dose of high-quality fragrance to enhance a variety of spaces. Natural airflow distributes the fragrance and odor neutralizer throughout the space, covering up to 6,000 cubic feet (two to three stall restrooms). You can program dosage so the fragrance lasts 30 days or 45 days. Flexibility in programming and the variety of fragrance options available satisfy the diversity of consumer needs and preferences.

Elegance (Woody/Citrus)

SKU Description Price Qty
1957529 TCell 2.0 Refill - Elegance $8.99
1957529-6 TCell 2.0 Refill - Elegance - Case of 6 $51.00

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