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Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers are a great alternative to Paper Towel Dispensers in Commercial Facility Restrooms and Bathrooms. Warm air hand dryers provide a hygenic method for commercial restroom patrons while reducing wasteful usage of paper products and paper dispensers. Xlerator hand dryers are by far the most popular of all hand dryers both automatic sensor hand dryers and manual hand dryers. Bobrick and Dyson AirBlade hand dryers are also popular and provide unique options for commercial restrooms. If you have any questions about the Xlerator Hand Dryers or any other brand we offer, please feel free to call us at 1-800-440-5556.

XL-BW Xlerator Automatic Hand Dryer in White


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Xlerator Hand Dryer | White

430.00 /each

XL-W Xlerator Automatic Hand Dryer w/White Metal Cover


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Xlerator Hand Dryer | White Metal

480.00 /each

XL-GR Xlerator Automatic Hand Dryer in Graphite


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Xlerator Hand Dryer | Graphite

510.00 /each

XL-C Xlerator Automatic Hand Dryer in Chrome


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Xlerator Hand Dryer | Chrome

600.00 /each

110/120v  - XL-SB Xlerator Automatic Hand Dryer w/Stainless Steel Cover


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XLerator Hand Dryer | Stainless Steel

600.00 /each

ThinAir Automatic Hand Dryer 110/120v


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Excel ThinAir Surface-mounted Hand Dryer

330.00 /each

115v White Cover - Bobrick Trimline Automatic Hand Dryer


Bobrick Trimline Hand Dryer White

318.95 /each

115v Stainless Cover - Bobrick Trimline Automatic Hand Dryer


Bobrick Trimline Hand Dryer Stainless Steel

387.78 /each

Bobrick Automatic Hand Dryer - White Cover - 115V


Bobrick Hand Dryer | White Cover

349.99 /each

Bobrick QuietDry Automatic Hand Dryer - Chrome Cover - 115V


QuietDry Hand Dryer | Chrome Cover

439.99 /each

Dyson Airblade dB AB14-G Hand Dryer 110-120v - Grey


Airblade Automatic Hand Dryer | Grey

1349.00 /each

EHD-501 WHT Optima XLerator Hand Dryer - White, 110/120 Volt


Sloan XLerator Hand Dryer | White

499.99 /each

EHD-501 CP Optima XLerator Hand Dryer - Chrome, 110/120 Volt


Sloan XLerator Hand Dryer | Chrome

549.99 /each

Dyson Airblade AB09 TAP, 110-120v Hand Dryer and Faucet Combo


Airblade Tap Faucet/Dryer Combo | Short

1899.00 /each

Dyson Airblade V AB12-G Hand Dryer 110-120v - Nickel Finish


Airblade V Hand Dryer | Nickel Finish

845.00 /each

Fully Recessed Automatic Hand Dryer


Simplicity Series Recessed Hand Dryer

459.99 /each

ASI TURBO-Dri High Speed Hand Dryer - (110-120V) - Satin Stainless Steel


Turbo-Dri High Speed Hand Dryer

499.99 /each

ASI TURBO-Dri High Speed Hand Dryer - (220-240V) - White


Turbo-Dri Jr High Speed Hand Dryer

379.99 /each

ASI Roval Semi-recessed Hand Dryer


Roval Semi-recessed Hand Dryer

590.00 /each

Tri-Umph Automatic Hand Dryer - 110/120V - 50/60 Hz


Tri-Umph Automatic Hand Dryer

1039.99 /each

Combo Paper Towel Dispenser, Hand Dryer & Waste Receptacle Unit - <b>Recessed</b>


Hand Dryer / Waste Receptacle Combo

999.99 /each

B-700-115 AirCraft Automatic Hand Dryer 115V


AirCraft Automatic Hand Dryer

480.99 /each

B-710 CompacDryer Automatic Hand Dryer - 115V


CompacDryer Hand Dryer | Grey Plastic

248.40 /each

B-750-115 Recessed AirCraft Automatic Hand Dryer 115V


Bobrick AirCraft ADA Recessed Hand Dryer

573.70 /each

BC-2902-2874 SS - Satin, Surf-Mtd, ADA, Universal Voltage, Adj. Dry Time


Aerix Adj Speed Hand Dryer | Satin Finish

402.92 /each

BC-2903-28 Cast Iron Aerix Sensor-Operated Hand Dryer


Aerix Sensor Operated Cast Iron Dryer

361.38 /each

BC-2905-2873 Aerix Sensor-Operated Steel Cover Hand Dryer


Aerix Sensor Operated Steel Cover Dryer

218.49 /each

BC-2922-2873 Bradley Aerix High Speed, High-Efficiency Hand Dryer


Aerix High-Efficiency Hand Dryer

462.09 /each

HO-IC Surface Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer in Chrome 110/120v


Hands Off Hand Dryer | Chrome

449.99 /each

R76-IC Recess Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer - Chrome 110/120v


Recess Mounted Hand Dryer | Chrome

499.99 /each

Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels

Save money while helping the environment. See how you can achieve 95% percent cost savings and 70% carbon footprint reduction by getting rid of paper towels and switching to our high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers. Hand dryers prove to be the leader in efficient and hygienic methods of drying. In addition, they are the most cost efficient and environmentally sound drying technique. Whether Hand Dryers are installed in schools, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, service stations, stadiums, movie theaters, correctional facilities, factories, hotels, health clubs, etc., each individual who uses our hand dryers is guaranteed safety and satisfaction. We are confident that you will agree that warm air hand dryers are clearly the best alternative in drying.