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GOJO LTX-12 Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser


  • Reliable touch-free dispensing
  • Smart, trouble-free electronics eliminate battery changes in most installations
  • Large sight window and skylight for at-a-glance product monitoring
  • 1200mL high capacity output for fewer changeouts
  • Easily converts to locked dispenser
  • Lifetime guarantee even includes batteries
  • Fully ADA compliant

GOJ1984 GOJ1980 GOJ1912-02
Stock # LTX-12 Dispensers Price Qty.
GOJ1919 GOJO LTX-12 Hands Free Soap Dispenser - Chrome $17.44
GOJ1984 GOJO LTX-12 Hands Free Soap Dispenser - White/Grey $17.44
GOJ1980 GOJO LTX-12 Hands Free Soap Dispenser - White $17.44
Stock # LTX-12 Premium Soap Cartridge Price Qty.
GOJ1912-02 GOJO LTX-12 Foam Soap Cartridge Plum Antibacterial 1200ml (2-Pack) $55.99
GOJ1916-02 GOJO LTX-12 Foam Soap Cartridge Pomeberry 1200ml (2-Pack) $53.99
GOJ1944-02 GOJO Provon Foaming Antimicrobial Handwash with PCMX - 2 pack $68.99


GOJO LTX 1200 ML Refill

  • GOJO SANITARY SEALED refill helps lock out germs
  • Durable, recyclable PET bottle uses 30% less material than standard rigid HDPE
  • Patent pending GOJO CONTROLLED COLLAPSE technology keeps bottle shape longer while emptying
  • Crystal clarity for visual appeal and easier monitoring of fill level
  • Fresh dispensing valve with each refill
  • Removable pump promotes easier recycling 

One shot is all you need.

Spa-inspired green certified foam hand soap offers luxurious lather and a pleasant pomegranate fragrance. Appealing blue color. Enriched with moisturizer, natural extract and skin conditioner. USDA certified biobased formulation. EcoLogo certified. Delights users while supporting a healthy environment.

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