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Zurn EZ Flush Parts List

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Zurn EZ Flush Replacement Parts
Stock # EZ-Flush Replacement Parts Price Qty.
PERK6000-L-CPCR Chrome Plastic Cover $11.88
PERK6000-L-CPMCR Chrome Metal Cover $66.78
PERK6000-SCR Replacement Lens $5.00
PERK6000-CWR Handle Nut Wrench $11.99
PERK6000-BD Battery Drawer $17.94
PERK6000-W Allen Wrench $2.99
PERK6000-SR Sensor Module $82.15
PERK6000-RK Repair Kit - Includes Courtesy Button Cap, O-Ring, Collar Gasket, and Seal $13.21
PERK6000-BUTTON EZ Flush Replacement Button $2.19

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