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Basys Automatic Sensor Faucet

BASYS Automatic Faucet with Solar Power and LCD The new Basys Series Automatic Faucets

 Basys delivers a revolutionary approach to sensor faucets that meets the demands of the commercial plumbing industry. Fueled by two years of field research and in-depth interviews with architects, engineers and plumbers, Basys has the strength and versatility to meet the needs of any application or environment.


BASYS Low Pedestal Sensor Faucet BASYS Low w/Base Sensor Faucet BASYS Mid with Solar Powered Sensor Faucet BASYS High Sensor Faucet with ISM
Low Low w/Base Mid w/Solar High



Basys Low Automatic Faucet


3324000 EFX-350 Pedestal Battery Powered with Surround Sensor Technology $389.99
3324001 Basys EFX-650 Low, Battery Operated, 0.5gpm, SST, Sensor Faucet $389.99


Basys Mid Automatic Faucet


3324002 Basys EFX-275 Mid, Solar Powered, ISM, 0.5gpm Spray, Sensor Faucet $544.63
3324003 Basys EFX-275 Mid, Solar Powered, 0.5gpm Spray, Sensor Faucet $521.99
3324004 Basys EFX-250 Mid, Battery Operated, ISM, 0.5gpm Spray, Sensor Faucet $480.00
3324005 Basys EFX-250 Mid, Battery Operated, 0.5gpm Spray, Sensor Faucet $466.00


Basys High Automatic Faucet


3324010 Basys EFX-175 High, Solar Powered, ISM, 1.5gpm Aerator, Sensor Faucet $539.99
3324011 Basys EFX-150 High, Battery Powered, 1.5gpm Aerator, Sensor Faucet $538.99
3324013 Basys EFX-177 High, Solar Powered, LCD, ISM, 1.5gpm Lam, Sensor Faucet $808.99
3324025 Basys EFX-150 High, Battery Powered, 0.5gpm Spray, Sensor Faucet $512.99
MIX-60 Below Deck Mixing Valve (optional) $29.99

There are two different kinds of sensing technologies available.

Active Infrared (IR)
Infrared sensing is the standard on all Basys models. When a user's hands reflect the invisible light beam, the faucet knows to begin the flow of water. Infrared models are designed to provide easy, above-deck access to key components, and offer additional user enhancements

Key Features:
Individual external diagnostic LEDs. All key components - battery, valve caddy and solenoid - are easily accessible for above-deck service. Can accommodate or upgrade to solar and / or LCD. Adjustable time-out settings. Available with mechanical mixer, integral to spout. Available on all models.

Capacitance or Surround Sensor Technology (C)
Capacitance sensing utilizes the human body's own natural conductivity. When the faucet senses a hand, it starts the flow of water. There is no sensor window and critical components are protected in a watertight, belowdeck box. An excellent choice for high-use environments, or when vandalism is a concern.

Key Features:
Individual external diagnostic LEDs. Below-deck components protected in a watertight box. Only two keyed wire connections located between the spout and control module. Self-adapting sensing. Automatic time-out based on flow rate. Available on Low and Low Integrated Base models.

BASYS pdf's
User Feedback Undercut Spout Integrated Side Mixer
0.50 gpm Multi-laminar 1.5 gpm Aerated 1.5 gpm Laminar