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AutoJanitor Systems

AutoJanitor features - click for close-up
AutoJanitor Systems for Urinals/Toilets

All-In-One Solution for Smaller Restrooms

The AutoJanitor not only cleans and helps prevent deposits, it fragrances the restroom with clean fresh scents. One dispenser can clean and deodorize up to two fixtures 24 hours-a-day! Comes in three different fragrances: Country Garden, Mandarin Orange and Linen Fresh.

The AutoJanitor System includes:
1. AutoJanitor® Dispenser, 2. Plastic Tubing, 3. Mounting Hardware,
Note: Batteries not included

3 YEAR WARRANTY on AutoJanitor Systems

AutoJanitor - white
White Cover
$69.99 each
AutoJanitor installed
Service 1 or 2 Urinals at Once
Service 1 or 2
Urinals at Once
Service 1 or 2 Urinals at Once
AutoJanitor Refills
available below

More Info

  • Dimensions: 3-3/4"D x 4-1/2"W x 10"H
  • Power: 2 D-Cell Batteries. Alkaline batteries recommended.
  • Also available Wall Mount Plate (stock #400657)
  • Also available 2nd Fixture Tubing Kit (stock #40129)

Stock # AutoJanitor System Price Qty.
401274 AutoJanitor Drip Dispenser
Stock # AutoJanitor Accessories Price Qty.
401290 2nd Fixture Tubing Kit
400657 Wall Mountng Kit

AutoJanitor refills
AutoJanitor® Deodorizer Refills

Stock Up on your Favorite Scent

Cleans and deodorizes toilets and urinals while providing a clean fresh scent for the smaller restroom. The powerful cleaning solution helps prevent stains and scaling and a quaternary agent helps reduce bacteria growth. This cleaning eliminates malodors at the source while clean fresh scents permeate the restroom 24 hours-a-day...everyday!

Refill size: 24 oz. • Dimensions: 3"D x 4"W x 7-3/4"H

AutoJanitor BioFlush refill
$14.49 each
AutoJanitor refill - Linen Fresh scent
Linen Fresh
$12.69 each
AutoJanitor refill - Mandarin Orange scent
Mandarin Orange
$12.69 each
AutoJanitor refill - Country Garden scent
Country Garden
$12.99 each

Stock # AutoJanitor System Price Qty.
400978 Linen Fresh Cleaner & Deodorizer
400980 Mandarin Orange Cleaner & Deodorizer
400982 Country Garden Cleaner & Deodorizer
400055 Bio*Flush Drain Maintainer

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