AutoClean System for Urinals and Toilets
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AutoClean® Systems

AutoClean - White

Key Lock

Prevents pilferage


Indicates audible signal is on

Battery Monitor

Displays remaining charge

Days To Refill

Shows days remnaining to replace refill or optional time display


On/Off Button



Refill Reset Button

Tone Quiet

Up to 2 Year Battery Life

Automatically Clean Fixture Surfaces

To ensure urinals and toilets are always clean, odor-free and presentable, The AutoClean System dispenses the concentrated Purinel Cleaner.

For a complete AutoClean System, you must order all four parts:
1. AutoClean® Dispenser, 2. Connection Kits,
3. Stainless Steel Connection Tube, 4. Purinel Cleaner

3 YEAR WARRANTY on AutoClean Systems

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    • Round-the-clock cleaning
    • Eliminates the need to scrub fixtures
    • Prevents scaling
    • Programmable dispensing for cost control
    • Eliminates odors at the source
    • Leaves surfaces sanitary provides greater hygiene for your restrooms
    • Convenient, easy-change refills
    • Extends staff cleaning cycles
    • Programmable automatic delivery system for Purinel concentrate
    • Operates one year or longer on 2 alkaline D-cell batteries
Stock # AutoClean Dispensers Price Qty.
401188 LED Programmable / Chrome
Stock # AutoClean Accessories Price Qty.
400963 3/4" Saddle Kit
400964 1-1/4" Saddle Kit
400965 1-1/2" Saddle Kit
400935 12-1/2" Tube (Stainless)
AutoClean - White

Stock Up on your Favorite Scent

Refills deliver consistent metered dosage of Purinel® to prevent build-up of calcium on pipes and scaling.

Easy In-Line Installation allows cleaning solution to reach the hard to clean areas, such as rim holes, ensuring that the whole fixture is cleaned.

Stock # AutoClean Refills Price Qty.
400586 Purinel with DBQ
401591 Linen Fresh Cleaner & Deodorizer
401532 Mandarin Orange Cleaner & Deodorizer
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