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ZURN Z5795 Waterless Urinal

ZURN Z5795 Waterless Urinal
Zurn Z5795 Waterless Urinal Diagram

Z5795 Diagram
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The Zurn Z5795 Waterless Urinal is a water-free, non-cartridge model that saves water, provides a safe, sanitary environment for restrooms, and reduces both building operating and maintenance costs.

The urinal is furnished with concealed wall hanger brackets, a telescoping flanged PVC drain line connection, pre-measured green sealant bottles, and a drain line gasket. No special tools are required to maintain the trap seal.

Features & Benefits:
  • Reduces installation costs (no inlet piping)
  • Reduces maintenance costs (no overflows)
  • Vitreous china
  • 14" extended rim
  • 2" I.P.S. outlet flange
  • Hands-free operation
  • Environmental benefits
  • Improves restroom hygiene
  • Reduces water and sewer bills
  • Telescoping flanged drain line
  • Innovative Technology LEED Credit
SKU Description Price Qty
Z5795 ZURN Z5795 Waterless Urinal $425.99
SKU Cleaning Supplies Price Qty
ZGS-32OZ 32 oz. (1 quart) Bottle of AquaGreen Sealant for Z5795 Waterless Urinal $23.33
ZGS-128OZ 128 oz. (1 gallon) Bottle of AquaGreen Sealant for Z5795 Waterless Urinal $64.52
SKU Repair Parts Price Qty
P5795-1 Strainer for Waterless Urinal $5.99
P5795-2 Bell Trap for Waterless Urinal $3.50
P5795-3 Bell Trap O-ring for Waterless Urinal $2.50
P5795-4 Ferrule for Waterless Urinal $0.94
P5795-5 Ferrule Nut for Waterless Urinal $1.40
P5795-6 Ferrule Nut and Ferrule for Waterless Urinal $2.10
P5795-7 Flange Gasket for Waterless Urinal $3.74
P5795-8 Flange for Waterless Urinal $10.75
P5795-9 Flange and Gasket for Waterless Urinal $14.03
P5795-10 Strainer Removal Tool for Waterless Urinal $27.12
P5795-Belltrap-Kit Bell Trap Kit: includes Strainer, Bell Trap, Bell Trap O-Ring $10.99
P5795-Flange-Kit Flange Kit: includes Ferrule, Ferrule Nut, Flange Gasket, Flange $15.99
P5795-Complete-Kit Complete Kit: includes Strainer, Bell Trap, Bell Trap O-Ring, Ferrule, Ferrule Nut, Flange Gasket, Flange, Sealant $51.65

More Info

The Zurn Z5795 Waterless Urinal can be used for new construction as well as retrofitting existing urinal installations. Simply install the urinal, fill the trap with Zurn AquaGreen sealant, and it is ready to use. No water supply is required.


26 3/4" x 19" x 14 1/4"

Approximate Weight

66 lbs.

Mounting for ADA Compliance

For lip height of 17", distance from finished floor to drain centerline must be 9"

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Perform cleaning once a day, or as needed
  • Remove any litter in the bowl and clear cartridge holes
  • Use mild disinfectant cleaner on a cloth to wipe the bowl
  • DO NOT use aggressive/concentrated detergents or any other chemicals
  • DO NOT dispose of water into the urinal

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