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Retrofit Autoflushers
AutoFlush with Wave Feature for Tank Toilets in White - Wireless

AutoFlush for Tank Toilets

  • Power Supply: 4 D-cell Alkaline batteries, (plus 4 AA-cell Alkaline batteries for wireless model) power the AutoFlush for Tank Toilets for three plus years.
  • Battery Life: Up to 3+ years battery life under normal operation. (Over 100,000 flushes)
  • User in View L.E.D.: Green light flashes 3 times when user is detected for 5 seconds.
  • Battery Replacement L.E.D.: Yellow light flashes when batteries are low.
  • Easy 5 minute installation
  • Designed to meet A.D.A. requirements
  • Wave Feature: this unit can be set to only flush when user waves their hand in front of sensor.
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750831 AutoFlush with Wave Feature for Tank Toilets in White - Wireless $177.72
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AutoFlush for Tank Style Toilets

Ensuring toilets are always flushed, clean, odor-free and presentable

Installs simply to the tank plumbing mechanism. Flexible installation fits most tank designs. Uses same reliable motor and cam gear technology used in our existing AutoFlush. The tank handle remains operable for courtesy flushing.

Smart Object Infrared Technology

The AutoFlush for Tank Toilets infrared Object Lock Technology controls flushing like no other system today. Ensures tank toilets are always flushed and presentable.

Easy 5 Minute Installation

Simply install the motor and sensor assembly, insert supplied batteries, and you've just converted your restroom to a higher standard of hygiene.

AutoFlush with Wave Feature for Tank Toilets in White - Wireless 750831
4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user ratings.
Chris M.

Mar 02, 2017
We installed these auto flushers in a kohl facility in place of installing larger waterlines and new toilets. They have worked great and it has been a year ago. Nice product

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