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Hydrotek 5000em Series Faucets

Product Details

The 5000EM Series faucet is an elegant piston operated sensory faucet that provides a vandal resistant, no touch lavatory solution with hot/cold mixing and manual on/off adjustments that promotes better hygiene and energy savings.Designed to be easy to install and maintain, all major faucet components are encased above deck making it easier access. The sensor included in this faucet is self adapting meaning manual adjustments are not necessary and the innovative sensor placement eliminates ambient reflectivity issues.

  • ADA Compliant. Meets all barrier free codes
  • Conserves water and energy
  • Easily installed in new or retrofit applications
  • Promotes cleanliness & hygiene
  • Proven Hydrotek craftsmanship and reliability
SKU Product Name Price QTY
H-5000EM-LR AC Powered, Low Lead Lavatory Faucet, Above-Deck, Mixing & Manual On/Off $718.17
HB-5000EM-LR Battery Powered, Low Lead Lavatory Faucet, Above Deck, Mixing & Manual On/Off $718.17
SKU Parts and Accessories Price QTY
HC-006K 4in Cover Plate w/ Mounting Kit (H/HB-5000E/EM,7000E/EM/SLE/SLEM,4100CLR) $42.80
HC-006L 8in Cover Plate w/ Mounting Kit (H/HB-5000E/EM,7000E/EM/SLE/SLEM,4100CLR) $65.42
HC-009A In-Line Filter/Check Valve (H/HB-3000,4000;3000C,4000C,5000E/EM,7000E/EM/SLE/SLEM) $68.86
HC-010E Multi-Unit Power Adapter (H/HB-5000E/EM,7000E/EM/SLE/SLEM) $140.12
HCE-004 Solenoid Module, without Solenoid Coil (5000E/EM) $119.13
HCE-008 7.5V DC Plug-In Adapter (H/HB-5000E/EM,7000E/EM/SLE/SLEM) $53.77
HCE-018A Control Module & Sensor (H-5000E/EM) $294.22
HCE-018B Control Module & Sensor & Battery Holder (HB-5000E/EM) $294.22
HCE-019 Solenoid Coil, without Solenoid Module (5000E/EM,7000E/EM/SLE/SLEM) $119.13
HCE-028 Temperature Adjuster Assembly (H/HB-5000EM) $80.75
HCE-029 Temperature Adjustment Handle Assembly $32.39
HCE-194 Solenoid Module and Solenoid Coil (5000E/EM) $208.29


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